Price List

Item Price & Bundles What You Get
Emotes £25 per Emote, £60 for 3, £100 for 5 .png images at the required sizes for your streaming site. (e.g. For Twitch you get 28x28px, 56x56px, 112x112px)
Twitch Badges £20 for base design, £35 for 6 recolours/minor changes (adding sparkles etc.) £80 for 6 with major changes .png images at 18x18px, 36x36px, 72x72px
Panels From £5 for a simple design, £25 for up to 10 with same basic design, From £25* for illustrated character designed panel, From £100* for 5 illustrated character panels .png images ready for upload.
Screens & Overlays £20 each for simple designs, from £35* for fully illustrated designs .png image(s) 1920x1080
Logos From £30* .png image in required size(s)
Avatars & Profile Pictures From £10* 1200x1200px png image
Social Media Art From £15* Images in required sizes for the requested social media site
Pitch Decks & Media Kits £50 for a one page, £25 for each extra page PDF copies & 3 free revisions of stat/bio changes etc.

Other artwork such as fanart, DnD characters and original characters are available at a rate of £15 per hour.

*Price dependant on the time required for the artwork & the complexity of the design.