shawny alison

Welcome! I'm ShawnyAlison a 28 year old Scottish lass with a passion for gaming & content creation. I'm a disabled gamer with hEDS - which basically means my joints are held together with bubblegum and they don't do the best job of staying in place. But that's okay because i'm chronically awesome and living with it. I'm a self-taught digital artist and I love memeing in video games.

I have had a passion for gaming since a young age and in order to find a way to combine my passion for gaming, art, and community I put my heart and soul into my content creation and it paid off! I've worked with affiliates, partners, and was commissioned by Twitch to create emotes for the Food Fight Mega-Cheer event which you can see here.

I stream on Twitch 3 days a week as MouseWasTaken on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays starting at 10am UK time. We play a variety of games including story based games & simulation/base builders and occasionally I also stream some of my artwork.

Custom emotes represent your brand and your community across Twitch, YouTube, or anywhere else! Fill yours with memes, inside jokes, or just some cute ways to say hello and make your brand pop!

Let your supporters show off with some adorable subscriber and bit badges. Have ones that change colour each tier or even make it grow and change with each level up!

Show off on social media with an adorable avatar, illustration of your OC or even fanart of your favourite characters!

I've been using MouseWasTaken (ShawnyAlison) as my artist and designer for my social media graphics for almost two years now and I've always been a happy customer. Reasonably priced and prompt delivery are key factors for me when deciding who to choose and she ticks both of those boxes every time. She is very talented and always meets my requirements and has often gone above and beyond with her service. I'd highly recommend her!


When you are looking to commission someone for art, I would definitely recommend Mouse (ShawnyAlison). She is not only a great artist, but also lets you into the process from sketch to finished product. She took my request and made it come alive and I couldn't be happier with the result. Apart from her professionalism, she is also a genuine and nice person. You won't be disappointed!


Mouse is such a artistic soul and extremely talented! She knew exactly what I was envisioning and blew me away with the final results! She was such a joy to work with!